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Tree Reductions & Trimming

Reducing trees is not a straight forward process so make sure you deal with the experts.

It is usually a contentious issue for professional arborists. There are many different methods of reduction and what should be engaged should be dependent on what the goal we are trying to achieve is and the species of the tree. We offer professional advice on what methods of pruning should be used.

Popular perspective is that removing more tree is more effective but heavy reductions can open up trees for disease, affect the growth pattern of trees and cause accelerated growth due to stress. Heavy reductions may lead to the tree needing a more frequent maintenance programme and lead to the tree becoming dangerous when the new growth gets larger.

Some trees are extremely tolerant of heavy reducing and can be turned in to hedges or pollards.

We can advise you on what sort of reduction your tree can take and what will be the best cause of action for your specific goals. There is a lot of bad advice out there on this aspect of tree care so please be wary!

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